SUMP workshop in Bari: Planning “with” people

The awareness raising workshop on sustainable mobility planning was organised in the framework of EU’s Eltis Plus project in cooperation with Regione Puglia, TRT Trasporti & Territorio, and the CIVINET Italia network. Polis was invited to open the workshop and present the Eltis Plus project in which is a partner.

Mr. Minervini, Councillor for Mobility, said in his welcome speech that SUMPs should not be considered like just an other plan, but as a process to manage change in our cities which have to put people at the centre and the possibility to leave the car at home and reach workplace by public transport or by bike. "A Copernican revolution is needed here to overturn the planning process so far focused on private motorised transport as the only solution to mobility needs. Mobility shift can be achieved with a change in our lifestyle. This can be done by planning with people". Commission’s slogan “Planning for people” finds in Bari its way towards sustainable planning built on a constructive dialogue between expert know-how and public know-how of people moving about every day.

The workshops is part of a series of training events that will be organised across Europe on developing and implementing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) before the end of the Eltis Plus project.

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