SUGAR City Logistics Workshop: Fully booked

SUGAR invites you to its workshop on 3 May in Brussels, where Good Practice Sites Emilia Romagna, Paris, London and Barcelona will share their experiences in the field of sustainable urban freight management and logistics, as well as present intermediate project findings. SUGAR has been looking into the following policy leverages:

  • transport: access control, circulation, regulation pricing, signage, intelligent communication technologies applied to transport, etc.;
  • environment: incentives for using clean vehicles and modes, regulations on vehicle typologies and usage in critical environmental zones, etc.,
  • space and territory: planning and development of distribution areas, loading areas, industrial zones, economic development zones, etc.

These policy leverages, together with partnership building with logistics and transport operators, are the necessary ingredients to creating a tailored solution for more efficient urban freight transport management.

More information, agenda and registration form are available in our events calendar.