START project: Improving interconnectivity in the Atlantic area

This calls for greater interconnectivity between transport systems and clearer information to be provided within regional gateways, such as airport hubs, ports and rail interchanges.

The START project has now implemented various systems to help travellers to opt for sustainable travel options (regional journey planners, smart cards, real-time information) and is building a collective solution for sharing transport information and making it available to all across the Atlantic Area Regions through the innovative web portal and common brand INTEGRA.

The START project invites all decision makers in the fields of Transport and Territorial Development to attend a forum in Lisbon on 27th and 28th October 2011, to investigate the barriers they face and the solutions they have experienced in Europe to enhance sustainable mobility choices through better information provision. The forum will discuss how efficient solutions can be implemented, with key speakers and political representatives of urban communities and regions from across Europe attending.

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