Stakeholders exchange on vehicle developments for better urban freight delivery


CityMove works at the development of an innovative vehicle for urban freight delivery. It reconsiders logistics operations, the whole vehicle architecture, its propulsion (considering hybrid and full electric options), and various benefits from technology.

Participants to the workshop also discussed developments of the CityLog project which aims to contribute to the improvement of the overall city logistics efficiency through a combination of several measures including Info-telematic support functionalities and new vehicle solutions as well as process improvements related to vehicle-to-vehicle transhipment and innovative and interoperable load units.

The city of Stockholm presented its efforts to deploy a fleet of clean vehicles and led a discussion on the challenge of defining criteria’s for cleaner vehicles for urban freight delivery for public procurement.

Citymove progresses towards cleaner, safer and more efficient vehicles for better urban freight operations were debated. The cities of Trondheim and Birmingham among others exchanged on challenges and expectations for improving urban logistics operations.

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