SOLUTIONS and Polis present smart urban mobility solutions at Michelin Challenge Bibendum in China

Set in Chengdu, the fourth largest city in China and capital of the Sichuan province, the 12th edition of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum brought together urban mobility professionals, cities, business and media representatives from all over the world to discuss innovative urban mobility solutions from 11-15 November 2014.

During the SOLUTIONS high-level city session, Polis members Budapest and Barcelona, as well as and SOLUTIONS Leading Cities Hangzhou and Curitiba presented their take on how to make urban mobility smarter in their city and what role international cooperation can play.

The solutions presented included Superblocks in Barcelona, integrated data collection in Hangzhou, cross-agency cooperation in Budapest and the pioneering BRT system in Curitiba.

The presentation from the city session is available for download here.

On the same day, Polis organized a training event for transport professionals from SOLUTIONS take-up and training cities. SOLUTIONS partners TRL, Wuppertal Institute, and the China Academy of Transport Sciences led workshops on Public Transport, clean vehicles and network management. A presentation on network design and analysis by Polis member Tisséo (Toulouse) completed the picture.

The event was attended by participants from India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and China, among others.

More information on the ongoing SOLUTIONS training programme is available on the SOLUTIONS project website.