SMARTFREIGHT project: Final results available now!

The SMARTFREIGHT project aimed to make urban freight transport more efficient, environmentally friendly and safe by answering to challenges related to traffic management, freight distribution management, and a better coordination between the two. More particularly, SMARTFREIGHT specified, implemented and evaluated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions that integrate urban traffic management systems with the management of freight and logistics in urban areas. Through this approach, the actual transport operations carried out by freight distribution vehicles are controlled and supported by means of wireless communication infrastructure and on-board and on-cargo equipment.

The city of Trondheim in Norway hosted the SMARTFREIGHT test site, while simulations were done for Winchester (UK) and Bologna (Italy). Dublin carried out a desk-top study.

The following reports are now available on the project website:

  • User needs review
  • Focus group report & system performance scenarios
  • Implementation specification for new extended trafficmanagement and freight distribution management systems
  • Assessment of wireless technologies
  • Intermediate SMARTFREIGHT framework architecture
  • SMARTFREIGHT framework architecture
  • Summary of proof of concepts and verification of ICTsolutions
  • Impact analyses on urban freight (incl. deployment issues)
  • Generic findings on urban transport and future outlook
  • Final report

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