Review: CONDUITS City Pool meeting in Paris

The workshop provided an opportunity for City Pool members to learn about developments within the project since the first meeting of the City Pool 10 months earlier. Participants saw for the first time what the KPIs would ultimately look like and were reminded about why KPIs are needed. ITS is widely deployed today, yet there is little documented evidence of impacts and benefits. This is due in part to the lack of an evaluation culture among ITS players.

In addition, a number of other related initiatives were presented, including the 2Decide European project which is developing a web-based tool to support public administrations in finding the most appropriate ITS technology or application in a specific context. Other projects relevant to ITS development perspectives were also presented including the Freeflow project in London, which is enhancing existing systems to gain more intelligence; the Sunset project on nomadic devices and social networking, and the ecoMove project on cooperative traffic management.

The final conference will be held in Brussels on 22 June.

The presentations made at the workshop can be downloaded from the CONDUITS website at: