Registration open for final ECOSTARS event on cleaner fleets

ECOSTARS is a fleet recognition scheme aiming at the faster introduction of cleaner vehicle fleets. To cities and regions, the scheme provides a method to engage with fleet operators, and to reward, guide and advise fleet operators.

At the ECOSTARS Forum, local governments and operators will explain why they decided to set up and join ECOSTARS. Guided by the question: “Cleaner Fleets through recognition – does it work?” we will debate for whom the fleet recognition concept works, what could be improved for the future and which conditions are crucial for success. The Forum will conclude with a site visit to a fleet operation involved in ECOSTARS Cantabria.


Draft agenda and the registration form can be found here:

More information:

Polis as well as Polis members Rotterdam, Edinburgh and CDV are part of the ECOSTARS consortium. The ECOSTARS Forum marks the final event of the IEE co-funded ECOSTARS project. Attendance is free of charge but prior registration is required.