Reducing Transport Noise in Cities: Seminar presentations available

The EU funded project CityHush works to provide municipalities tools to establish noise maps and action plans. Now that the project is halfway, partners shared intermediate results on the developed concepts in the first CityHush seminar: Q-zones, noise score rating models, low-noise vehicles, low-noise road surfaces, and noise barriers are the core themes of research.

About 50 urban transport noise experts from the industry, research and public sector were present at the first seminar. Two additional seminars will follow in 2012, as well as two workshops dedicated to local authorities in which the developed tools will be explained. The workshops are foreseen to take place in June and November 2012 in two different cities in Europe.

If you are interested in the CityHush tools to reduce noise contact Dagmar Röller.

Presentations given at the 1st CityHush seminar in Brussels: click here.
Photos of the seminar: click here.
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