Reducing transport noise in cities: CityHush presentations and newsletter online

CityHush results were presented during the expert seminar and training for local authorities on Tuesday, 11 December in Stockholm, and were followed by a debate. Topics addressed to reduce transport noise in cities included quiet zones, noise score rating models, low-noise vehicles, lownoise road surfaces, and noise barriers.

Participates engaged in lively discussions after the presentations. Questions raised by the audience related to technical issues (e.g. how to measure annoyance), interpretation of results (e.g. on the signifance of noise reduction achieved through certain measures) as well as questions realted to the methodology (e.g. on data evaluation).

The European CityHush project supported city administrations with the development and implementation of noise action plans according to the directive EC 2002/49. With the end of 2012 the project comes to an end.

  • The presentations given in Stockhokm are available here.
  • The final CItyHush newsletter is available here.
  • For more information and final research reports, visit the project website: