Reducing Noise from European vehicles

The proposal is to reduce noise limit values in two steps each of 2 dB(A) for passenger cars, vans, buses and coaches. For trucks the reduction would be 1 dB(A) in the first step and 2 dB(A) in the second step. The first step is to apply two years after the publication of the text once approved by the European Parliament and Member States and the second step is foreseen three years thereafter. These measures should reduce vehicle noise nuisance by some 25%. In addition, the Commission intends to introduce a new and more reliable test method to measure sound emissions. Moreover it is proposed that electric and hybrid electric vehicles can be fitted optionally with sound generating devices which would make these cars safer. Noise emissions limits have not changed since 1996 despite increasing traffic.

The proposal has been sent to the European Parliament and the Council, who will comment on it to provide a final legislative document in the future.


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