Real-time information available on Google Transit in Madrid

By clicking on a bus stop or metro station, it is possible for users to know whether a bus or metro is on schedule or has been delayed and whether there are any changes to a particular service, for instance, a metro line suspended temporarily or a bus diverting from its normal route due to an incident. This information can be accessed via a computer display and through most mobile devices.

The launch of Google Transit Real Time occurred simultaneously in six cities around the world. In addition to Madrid, it is also available in Turin (Italy) and in Boston, Portland, San Diego and San Francisco (United States).

Madrid has been a pioneer city in partnership with Google Transit. It was one of the first cities in Spain to join Google Transit and the first major European capital, and now goes one step further by integrating, through the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT), real-time information.

By joining Google Transit Real Time, EMT is delivering on its commitment to place information technology at the service of more advanced users. Furthermore, the fact that Madrid is just one of six cities in the world to offer this functionality shows that EMT is a leading company in the most advanced customer information systems.

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