Puglia Region, Italy, paves the way for developing SUMP regional guidelines at national conference on 18-19 May in Bari

The first national conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans will take place in Bari on 18 and 19 May 2017. The event is promoted by Polis member Puglia Region, and Ecomobility the national EPOMM focal point on Mobility Management.

The event aims to pave the way for developing a set of regional SUMP guidelines in line with the European SUMP framework.

Italian explemplary SUMP examples will be presented at opening plenary session.

The program comprises 4 Thematic Workshops on:

  1. Cycling and intermodality
  2. Sharing mobility
  3. Mobility management – Low carbon transprort solutions
  4. ITS and Urban freight logistics.

Numerous Italian local authories will attend the conference, including Polis members Rome, Milan, and Region Emilia-Romagna. They will contribute their expeirence and vision about their role in SUMP, and expectations towards the national level.

For more information, please visit the event website.