Prague and Dublin at Momo final conference: What's new in the world of car-sharing?

Car-Sharing is in the focus of the momo project - and it shows how Europe could reduce the needs for parking by more than 600,000 cars in our cities. Al cities have the problem of limited street space. The current White Paper has some ambitious goals but makes no reference to new social models how to deal with car-ownership. Momo fills that gap! Car-Sharing is a solution that works well - but only so far in a few countries.

It is a full day conference presenting the objectives of car-sharing and lessons learnt around the world, starting with the European momo project, and continuing with a report on car-sharing in North America and Asia. The political dimension of car-sharing will be discussed with representatives from the European Commission, UITP, cities of Prague, Dublin, Bremen and others.

Further information can be found on the project's website: