POLITE 2nd newsletter as a start of 2013 work


The POLITE project is gaining momentum and the second issue of its newsletter is now out. The consortium is currently defining the infomobility measures and policies that they would like to share between themselves and to see implemented in their sites. Ten groups of measures have been identified, amongst which for example, ‘Public transport information measures’, ‘Public transport operation reorganization into multimodal system’ and ‘Public transport legislation and regulation’. The consortium meeting hosted by LaTDEA in Riga at the end of September decided in addition on the joint methodology for external best practices search and exchange. The ABOUT section gives more insight into the working process and outcomes.

The regular interview with an expert, this time talks about multimodal, multiservice, multichannel payment and ticketing and presents a geomarketing tool which allows matching demand for public transport with offer. Partners have worked also to create newsletters in their own languages - Czech, Italian, Latvian and Polish. Local newsletters are available on POLITE website.

To read the newsletter, click here.