Polis signs joint declaration – Safer, cleaner lorries now!

In the joint Declaration Polis, alongside Transport & Environment, the European Transport Workers’ Federation, Transport for London and other key organisations, calls on the European Parliament to take urgent action to change lorry designs which currently lead to hundreds of avoidable deaths every year. The declaration supports safety improvements for all lorries and swift implementation so as to make sure that safer, smarter and greener lorries are on the road as soon as possible. A short curvy nose and wider screens would mean increased road safety for cyclists, pedestrians and car occupants and ensure cleaner transport (up to 5% fuel savings).

Members of the European Parliament Transport Committee will be voting on the European Commission’s proposal and amendments next week, on the 11th of February. The scheduled vote in Plenary is on the 13th of March 2014.

The Polis Working Group meeting on road safety and vulnerable road users in cities and regions meets on the 11th of February 2014 in Brussels. The working group meeting will focus on the topic of heavy duty vehicules and the correlation with road traffic safety for other road users. (To access the agenda, please login to the Polis website).

For more information on the Joint Declaration, please contact Cleo Davies: