Polis members invited to express their views on the Urban Mobility Action Plan by 6 July

The Green Paper on Urban Mobility, adopted by the Commission in 2007, highlighted that Europe’s towns and cities
should not be left alone in tackling challenges that are of EU and even global dimension.

Consequently, an Action Plan on Urban Mobility (COM(2009)490) was adopted on 30 September 2009, providing a coherent framework for 20 concrete EU-level actions to be implemented in the period 2009-2012 through existing instruments and initiatives. These actions all aim to support and enable efforts at the local level, rather than prescribe one-size-fits-all or top-down solutions.

The Action Plan also stated that "in 2012, the Commission will conduct a review of the implementation of this Action Plan ", and DG MOVE has recently contracted Panteia/NEA to carry out, in cooperation with ISIS – Istituto di Studi per l’Integrazione dei Sistemi, TNO, and PriceWaterhouse Coopers EU Services EESV a study for this

After an initial fact finding phase, which is now coming to an end, the study is entering a consultation phase, which is
primarily based on a short questionnaire submitted to a wide range of stakeholders, to elicit relevant information and reactions on the implementation of the various actions so far.

The  questionnaire can be accessed by logging on to the following website:
It can be filled in different periods of time without losing the information already inserted on the condition that you
should always make use of the same computer. The survey has started on Monday, June 18th 2012 and responses should be provided within Friday, July 6th 2012. Should you encounter any problem in accessing the survey, please
contact the survey administrator:

The results of the review will be essential for the Commission to assess the need of further action, and the contribution of all involved stakeholders will be highly appreciated in this regard. In September 2012 an early summary of the
results will be communicated to all respondents, who will then be asked to provide their comments and recommendations.

Disclaimer: this survey has been designed for information and consultation purposes only. Respondents
should identify themselves, but results will be treated confidentially and only published in anonymous format.