Polis member Dresden will host the EBSF_2 project demonstration event on 21 June 2017

The goal is to increase the flexibility of bus services, with regard to capacity, by testing a walkable gangway system, developed by Hübner, which enables the operator to connect/disconnect modular vehicle segments at bus depots. The coupling concept has been performed on the AutoTram Extra Grand of Fraunhofer IVI and evaluated in a controlled environment at the Fraunhofer test track, in cooperation with the local transport operator (DVB). The new coupling system will be showcased and preliminary results discussed with the participants.

The event will take place at Fraunhofer IVI premises (Zeunerstraße 38, 01067 Dresden, Germany), from 8.30 to 13.00.

The programme is available here.

Register before 14 June 2017.