Polis joins 3iBS expert group

By capitalising on the EBSF’s and other Bus System projects’ results, 3iBS is committed to stimulate research and exploit bus-system innovations, support deployment and implementation of key solutions, promote the activities and exchange of knowledge on an international scale.

Backbone of 3iBS, the Roadmap for Advanced Bus Systems will set out areas for research about Bus Systems with relative priorities. The future funding scenarios to best serve the roadmap’s strategy will also be identified.

3iBS will consider 7 key innovation topics for further enhancing urban bus system:

  • Accessibility & safety
  • Bus service operations during special events
  • Inter-modality with private and public transport modes
  • Level of service
  • Internal & external modularity
  • Energy sustainability
  • IT Standardisation

Around those topics, Study Cases will be analysed from the experience of PT stakeholders. Recommendations and guidelines for implementation of innovations transferable to another geographic or industrial environment will be produced by the Consortium’s Partners and the members of the Support Group.

Intercontinental exchanges of experiences between worldwide and EU experts of Bus Systems will allow a wider recognition of 3iBS concepts and solutions, encouraging stakeholders to incorporate 3iBS’ outcomes in their respective activities.

The IT Focus Group will lead the standardisation process and adoption of the EBSF IT architecture platform by producing guidelines for operators, authorities and the industry. This Group will also analyse the application of the EBSF specifications in a dedicated use case.

An Exploitation Platform will support the introduction of innovations developed in projects like EBSF into new products, techniques or IT solutions. To reach this goal, Exploitation Strategies for Bus Systems will be developed in line with the EC White Paper and UITP PTx2 (doubling the market share of public transport worldwide by 2025).

An independent Expert Group of 20 mobility experts will assess the 3iBS concepts and solutions by generating debates and working on assessment exercises. The Expert Group will be prominent in improving 3iBS activities and widening the project’s results.

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