Polis and SOLUTIONS City Round Table and Training Events at Michelin Challenge Bibendum

How can mobility help to make cities smarter? In an interactive city round table, Polis and the EU-funded SOLUTIONS project will discuss this question together with experts from cities such as Curitiba, Barcelona and Budapest. Ask the top performers and join the dialogue on smart urban mobility, integrated solutions and international transfer of experience!

On the same day, the SOLUTIONS project offers three training workshops for transport professionals on Network & Mobility Management, Clean Vehicles and Public Transport. Led by experts from the UK, Germany, France, and China, this is a unique opportunity for transport professionals to get in touch with experienced practitioners to share and learn.

If you are attending the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, don't miss the chance to exchange with our experts - participation is free of charge for both events.

Launched by Michelin in 1998, the Challenge Bibendum is dedicated to promoting clean, safe, connected, accessible and affordable mobility solutions to political and industrial decision makers. The Challenge Bibendum benefits today from the support of international organizations such as the European Commission, ITF/OECD, UNEP, IEA, UN-HABITAT, World Economic Forum, and WBCSD, and has become one of the most renowned conferences on the future or mobility.

Over 5,000 professionals are expected to participate in the conference, including at least 400 journalists from all continents, high level representatives from major private groups as well as from governmental, administrative and academic institutions.

More information about the two events can be found in the documents below. If you would like to register in advance, please contact Karsten Marhold (