Pisa signs with five European capitals the Paper for the development of the fluvial transport

The Municipality of Pisa has joined to "Connecting with Waterways: to Choice Capital", the Paper defined from the minister of the Region of Brussels-Capital, Brigitte Grouwels, in cooperation with the European federation of internal ports EFIP (European Federation on Inland Ports) and of Inland European Navigation (INE). The paper has been undersigned last September from the European Capitals Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Paris and Vienna.

The initiative has the objective to carry out logistic activities in the great urbanize areas to "emissions zero" within 2030 resorting to sustainable solutions for the city distribution of the goods through a greater one uses of the water course that cross the cities.

Pisa is the first city to be associated to the five European capitals in the initiative that has the scope, as well as to promote the role of the transport for fluvial way, to institute also a collaboration with the internal ports and the authorities that manage the internal water ways.

The ceremony of adhesion of the Italian city, that it is continuation from a debate on the topic, is carried out today to Brussels. The Paper comes undersigned from David Gray, city council member to Mobility of the Municipality of Pisa, and from Marco Magnarosa, vice president of Navicelli Spa, the public society that manages the Pisano Port and the Channel of the Navicelli, channel of 17 kilometers that connects the Tuscany Dock of the port of Livorno to the Pisana Dock.