PIMMS TRANSFER releases European Mobility Week and Legacy videos

PIMMS TRANSFER supported city and regional municipalities and authorities in the field of Mobility Management, and in doing so, aimed to leave a legacy of increased knowledge and understanding of Mobility Management through implemented policy changes.

Over a period of three years, 15 partners from 15 different countries worked together building up professional and personal relationships to achieve this objective. Michel Lamblin, Programme Director INTERREG IVC Joint Technical Secretariat acknloweged the project's success and said: "The good work carried out within the PIMMS TRANSFER partnership will benefit European regions beyond this network, to improve citizen’s mobility, quality of life and contribute to Europe’s climate change reduction targets.”

PIMMS TRANSFER was funded by the European Commission’s INTERREG IVC programme.

More information

  • The PIMMS TRANSFER legacy video modules: include footage and interviews about each project partner’s experiences and achievements achieved in the project: watch the videos here.
  • The PIMMS TRANSFER European Mobility Week (EMW) video modules: include footage and interviews on each partner’s EMW activities, achievements and good practice: watch the videos here.
  • PIMMS TRANSFER EMW best practice guide: download here.

For more information: Adrian Webb, Senior European Projects Officer, London European Partnership for Transport (PIMMS TRANSFER Lead Partner) T: +44 207 934 9838,