Paving the way for the integration of the urban mobility system

Among these roadmaps, Polis coordinated a research roadmap on the integration of the urban mobility system. The aim was to identify the research needs to enable a greater integration of the system, focusing on the barrier to this integration. For this purpose, the roadmap address specifically topics such as the integration of traffic and travel information, the integration of ticketing and payment systems, interchanges, interfaces for urban freight delivery, and integrated network management.

The roadmap has the ambition to identify key research challenges which should be addressed to enable a transition towards the management of goods and persons on urban mobility networks, and not only of vehicles as it is often the case.

The other roadmaps released by ERTRAC relate to:

  • user behavior;
  • Future Light-duty Powertrain Technologies and Fuels;
  • Hybridisation of Road Transport;
  • Sustainable Freight Systems for Europe: Green, Safe and Efficient Corridors;
  • Road User Behaviour and Expectations;
  • Towards an Integrated Urban Mobility System;
  • European Bus System of the Future;
  • Climate Change Resilient Transport;
  • Safe Road Transport;
  • European Technology and Production Concept for Electric Vehicles (ETPC-4-EVs)

For more information, consult where the roadmaps will soon be published, or contact Sylvain Haon.