Parliament backs new CO2 limits for vans

By 2020, failure to reach a target of 147g emissions per kilometre will be met with fines of up to €95 per vehicle for every gram over the limit. Under the deal, vans that emit less than 50g CO2/km will earn automakers “supercredits” for meeting their CO2 reduction targets counting as 3.5 vehicles towards the average to be reached in 2014-2015, 2.5 in 2016 and 1.5 in 2017.

The target is a compromise between the lower limit advocated by many MEPs and environmentalists and the softer position of the Council and the European automotive industry. Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard welcomed the vote, as it will bring significant fuel savings for van users, contribute to cleaner air and to the overall EU climate change goals and give vehicle manufacturers greater certainty about the emission targets they need to reach.

The Council of Ministers have yet to formally approve the regulation before it becomes law (at their next meeting), but informally they have already endorsed it.