P3ITS Workshop on 9 June in Lyon

Pre-commercial procurement is another way to invest in innovation, focusing on the challenges and encouraging new approaches and new actors to find solutions. The European project P3ITS has analyzed in depth this approached, currently encouraged by the European Commission which will fund pre-commercial procurement project in the next months.

P3ITS is organizing its 3rd and final workshop on the 9th of June in Lyon: "Make Pre-Commercial Procurement your tool for ITS deployment". The P3ITS consortium is releasing its “PCP for ITS Handbook”, describing the actions you need to undertake before launching a Pre-Commercial Procurement process in the ITS sector. PCP is an underutilised approach to procure innovative products or services. In this regard, P3ITS has engaged in a dialogue between procurers and ITS actors to investigate how it could be used for ITS deployment.

The 3rd P3ITS workshop will also be an opportunity to share experiences about national PCP implementation and to hear about EU funding opportunities for European PCP projects. The workshop is targeting primarily public authorities (innovation agencies, procuring authorities, consultants), but is of interest for all parties involved in public procurement of ITS innovations. The workshop is free of charge. It will be organised after the closing session of the ITS European Congress that will take place in Lyon, 6-9 June 2011.

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