Open public online consultation on the development of a comprehensive, integrated Research, Innovation, and Competitiveness Strategy for the Energy Union

The objective of this public consultation is to collect the opinions of stakeholders and interested parties, including EU citizens and private and public organisations, with regard to the development of a comprehensive research, innovation and competitiveness strategy for the Energy Union, as the fifth pillar of the Energy Union.

This aspect is particularly important given the objective to drastically reduce EU’s emissions and use of energy, while at the same time maintaining the competitiveness of economic sectors including energy and transport but also industry, agriculture/bioeconomy and construction, and providing modern, user-friendly, safe, sustainable and secure solutions to EU citizens and businesses. In this sense, this strategy will provide an important element to contribute from the EU perspective to the Paris Agreement achieved on last 12 December 2015 as the outcome of Conference of Parties (COP21) under the United Nations Framework Climate Change Convention ( 505 KB).

An overarching Integrated Energy Union Research, Innovation and Competitiveness Strategy is essential in order to ensure that the overall goals are not lost in the trade-offs between the individual sectors.


The consultation is accessible here