Online courses for implementing Cycling policies

Not all learning needs to be done in the fieldThe PRESTO project is about competence building in cycling policies. In order to help build capacity for those working on improving cycling in "starter" cities with less than 10% modal share of cycling, PRESTO has developed 7 free e-learning courses.

Each course lasts for one month, and the timetable and the topics of the courses are given below.

12 Sep - 10 Oct 2011, 3 courses are running:

  • Intersections & Roundabouts
  • Bike to Work Campaigns
  • Pedal Assisted Electric Bikes (pedelecs) in your community

10 Oct - 14 Nov 2011, 3 courses are running:

  • Infrastructure for Starter Cities
  • Bike to School Campaigns
  • Pedelecs in your community

 14 Nov - 12 Dec 2011, 3 courses are running:

  • Bicycle Parking
  • Bicycle Maps
  • Pedelecs in your community

Each course has a limited number of participants, so register now! If you would like more information or to register, visit or contact Anna Clark.