One in Three commutes by bicycle in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam carried out a study into the modal choice in the home to work commute.

280.000 people living in Amsterdam work in the city. The majorty choses the bicycle as the transport mode to commute. 43% cycles to work. This does not mean that on each day 120.000 people commute cycle to work. 40% of those who cycle has a part time job. Public Transport ranks second with 35% and almost a quarter of all people living in Amsterdam go to work by car. Most of the people that live in the city but work outside the city commute by car (54%) or by Public Transport (39%). Only 7% cycles. 

The city will invest over the next years substantially in road safety, including education, enforcement, information and infrastructural improvements. The city has therefore approved a multi-annual road safety strategy, involving also the city districts.