ObsAIRveYourBusiness: Be the next city to test the new air quality mobile app!

The ObsAIRYourBuisness service delivers easily understandable and detailed air quality information on street level. The solutions are ready to digest the outputs of air quality models in urban areas. The project’s Roadshows not only present this new application but also provide to local administrations the full set of information in order to establish an innovative system for air quality information, possibly in addition or supplementing existing services already in place. A roadshow last in principle half day and will be held during the months of September and October 2015. Three participating cities will be selected between those who have express their interest.


To apply, send an email to before the 30th of September specifying a proposal for dates, a name of reference person to be contacted including a short presentation of the presence/absence of an air quality monitoring & forecasting service and its use. The local stakeholders to be included in the roadshow should be described briefly.

To get more details on the project and the Roadshows conditions  please visit: