NOVELOG SULP guidelines, roadmap and factsheets are available. Use them!


NOVELOG partners strongly believe that planning for sustainable urban freight is essential to allow the long-term development of the logistics sector without increasing the negative impacts of freight traffic (e.g. pollution, congestion, safety issues, etc.). Therefore, NOVELOG has developed a guidance for Sustainable Urban Logistics Planning (SULP) for local authorities, considering their integration in the overall Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) process.

Audience: local authorities, EU policy-makers, academia, consultancies.

NOVELOG Factsheets

Cities and regions factsheets of two pages have been drafted to clearly describe the NOVELOG activities tested in the partner cities and regions, highlighting their relevance in specific urban contacts,their implementation, their results and the potential challenges. Factsheets are conceived as operational inspirational material for local authorities.

Audience: local authorities, private companies.


This roadmap relates to the EU city logistics planning characteristics. It proposes actions towards better integration of UFT-related issuesin green cities vision. It takes other initiatives, roadmaps and strategies on urban logistics into account. It suggests breaking the actions down into three phases to approach tangible and realistic goals and objectives:

  • Getting aware, understanding and plan specificactions by 2020
  • Implementing and govern until 2030
  • Steering for the future until 2040

Audience: EU policy-makers, national governments, European networks and association, academia

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