NOVELOG SULP Guidelines for urban freight planning

The NOVELOG project is filling the gap of the current SUMPs approach by suggesting specific guidelines on how a local authority could incorporate UFT measures and policies in their sustainable mobility planning, with a planning document called SULP.

It is recommended that the SULP process is implemented separately from the SUMP process. The SULP process starts after the definition of the overall sustainable mobility vision of the city. In this way, the city approach for sustainable distribution and service trips resulting from the SULP development process will be in line with the SUMP vision and will focus on serving the general objectives set for the city sustainability.

The first six steps of a SULP process listed below should be followed.

  • Step 1: Determination of the city’s potential for a successful urban freight planning process.
  • Step 2: Definition of the development process and scope of the plan.
  • Step 3: Analysis of the city’s current UFT situation, problems and opportunities
  • Step 4: Development of a common vision & future improvement scenarios
  • Step 5: Setting priorities and measurable targets
  • Step 6: Development of effective package of measures

A glossy 28-page brochure has been developed and printed, which builds on the knowledge and results of the NOVELOG project’s planning and implementation activities in its 12 cities and regions.

This brochure is available for download here.