Noise exposure estimation methods in the EU compared

In order to comply with the European Noise Directive (END), EU Member States have produced strategic maps of noise exposure. These estimate the level of noise inhabitants are exposed to and they are used to plan effective noise mitigation actions. However, different methods for producing these maps are used by different Member States, which can produce contrasting results and complicates cross-country comparisons.

The study explored what might be causing the differences in estimates produced by five methods of noise mapping, by comparing their results for the Pisa municipality in Italy. The results could help inform efforts to help harmonise procedures for producing strategic noise maps across the EU.

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Source: Licitra, G., Ascari, E. & Brambilla, G. (2012) Comparative Analysis of Methods to Estimate Urban Noise Exposure of Inhabitants. Acta Acustica united with Acustica 98(4): 659-666.