Next Presto training workshop on cycling in October

The PRESTO (Promoting Cycling for Everyone as a Daily Transport Mode) project looks at transferring European knowledge and experience on cycling through a variety of training tools which include onsite training workshops, fact sheets and policy guides (available in a number of languages) and e-learning courses.

Four of the PRESTO onsite training workshops have already taken place (in PRESTO cities Tczew, Grenoble, Zagreb and Venice) and the final one will take place in Bremen, Germany on 14 October 2011. PRESTO targets its training materials based on the existing modal share of cycling in the cities, recongising that different levels of cycling affect what can be useful to learn from other cities. PRESTO categorises cities into starters, climbers and champions with respect to cycling. Champion city Bremen has a cycling modal share of over 20%, and this training event, as with other activities in the city, will take place within the context of local conditions, and particularly looking at how to maintain the high modal share of cycling within the city.

Further information will be available soon on the PRESTO website. For more information, contact Anna Clark.