New vehicles to be equipped with daytime running lights

Trucks and buses will follow in August 2012. Existing vehicles will not have to be retrofitted. In contrast to conventional headlights, DRLs do not help the driver see the road but rather help other road users see the approaching vehicle. Impacts of the new measure include:

Road safety: The assessment of the effects of DRL for cars led to three conclusions. First, the effects of DRLs are greater for fatal accidents than for injury accidents, and greater for injury accidents than for property-damage-only accidents. Second, DRL is likely to reduce the number of accidents involving pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists. Third, an adverse effect on rear-end collisions has been found in studies but the combination of DRL with switched-off taillights and the use of high mounted brake lights can counteract this effect.

Environment: Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are estimated to increase by of 0.5-1.5 % and bulb replacement is expected to be needed twice as frequently.

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