New SUMP project SUMPs-Up kicks off

Through SUMPs-Up, an experienced consortium of public and private organisations led by ICLEI, will accelerate the take-up of SUMPs in regions across Europe here this is still low, thus ensuring that SUMPs become the primary mobility planning instrument in Europe. To achieve this, the project will combine comprehensive SUMP research, tailored capacity-building, strong mechanisms for technical support, as well as SUMP monitoring and evaluation. The project aims to accelerate the development of 100 SUMPs across Europe and reach out to 600 cities, thus engaging with about 80% of EU cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants.

With many SUMP forerunners within the Polis membership, Polis secured the involvement of different Polis members as partners in the SUMP-Up consortium, i.e. Donostia San Sebastian, Thessaloniki, BKK Budapest, and Birmingham.

An important mechanism to accomplish the aforementioned objectives, will be the so-called SUMPs-Up Innovation Pilot Pool, which is managed by Polis. Through this pool, targeted funding will be provided to cities from across Europe with the aim to support them in initiating or further developing local SUMP process or in actually implementing or enhancing their SUMP. The first call for applicants will be launched in Spring 2016, we will of course keep you posted on these developments!