New measures to reduce traffic disruption in London

As part of its effort to smooth traffic flow and reduce disruptions for all road users, Transport for London has launched a new range of enhanced travel information. The tool identifies traffic hotspots, provides shots from London’s 170 traffic cameras and shows the messages displayed on the city’s Variable Message Signs. The enhanced information can be accessed at   London is also making use of social media to help get information out to travellers: it has recently launched a live Twitter feed (@TfLTrafficNews) carrying up to the minute information.

Transport for London also plans to take advantage of proposed UK legislation for a lane rental scheme. The lane rental scheme would enable local authorities to charge utility companies for roadworks in congested areas or at busy times. TfL hopes to have a lane rental scheme up and running in summer 2012.  A lane rental scheme, combined with the existing measures to reduce traffic caused by roadworks, should bring severe disruption on London’s red routes (major routes) down by 40% on  January 2010 levels.