New EC activity on C-ITS, automation and cities

A specific activity dedicated to urban areas is new to the C-ITS Deploymant Platform, which entered its second phase earlier this year. The objective of the new working group is:

- To identify how to better support the deployment of C-ITS in urban areas

- To explore how automated vehicles can support urban mobility and multi-modality in urban areas, and identify what challenges they could bring

Based on the conclusions and recommendations included in the Final report of phase I, some key topics that the group should address have already been identified, including: Day 1 services in urban areas, vulnerable road users, C-ITS to support integration with other transport modes, gaps in standardisation and pre-commercial procurement

The group will work as any other group of the C-ITS platform, but will also have an outreach approach that will take place via interviews, workshops, dedicated meetings with representatives of urban administrations and public transport associations.

The expected outcomes are the following:

- Advice for urban administrations to support the deployment of C-ITS in urban areas

- Input to GEAR2030 in the field of automation and sustainable mobility

Polis is a member of the C-ITS Deployment Platform and will play a role in this group.