New e-bike pilot offers cities discounted six month trial

E-bike provider Smove is offering one month's service free of charge to cities signing up their six month pilot.

Smove provides not only bikes and a mobile application, but we also a fleet management platform for cities to have real time data and control. Smove is also providing educational materials and courses to cities to educate them on how they can use the data from the platform to improve their city and their streets.

Smove's pilot six month period includes all services and software including 20 bikes, the Smove mobile application and fleet management platform, as well as the public website where users can access information about the bike share in your city. As well as the first month being free for the city, Smove is giving 50 free minutes every single day for the first month for all the users.

The summer pilot includes a bike share for July, August and September, with an option to extend longer.

You can find more information about our Smove's pilot offer here.

Image credit: Smove.