New app supports road users’ decisions in Aalborg

The App has the same information as you can find on, but instead of turning on your pc to go to the page, or browse the many pages on your phone, the app is designed to be accessible and easy to use on the phone.

“The app is designed as a quick service that you check before you leave. It is for example very easy flicking through webcam pictures from the many webcams all over the region – and we know that this is specifically interesting for the users” says project manager Christian von Huth from the Danish Road Directorate.

Special attention has been payed to the two crossings of the Limfjord that easily can create bottlenecks in the transport network. Is it necessary to close down a lane in the tunnel, or is the bridge up to let a ship pass, then it is immediately shown in the app. This makes it possible to reorganise your travel.

“In The City of Aalborg, we are content that all the data that we are collected can now be used to an even higher extend than before when it was only available on the website. You can easily see how much time it will take you from A to B on selected stretches, or where the nearest available parking spot is located. With the app you can also be directed directly to that spot”, explains Ulrich Clausen from The City of Aalborg.

The app is important both in order to improve the traffic flow and the environment. Also the Flemming Thingbak director of the association of retailers in Aalborg is welcoming the app and the opportunity for users to find the nearest parking slot by using their smart phone.

The app is developed in co-operation between the City of Aalborg and the Danish Road Directorate as part of the long running strategic traffic management co-operation between the city the directorate, the police and the regional public transport authority.

Why not just make data available and let everybody use it the way they want?

Both the city of Aalborg and the Danish Road Directorate is aware of the possibility to set data free, and in 2012, the City of Aalborg made parking information available to everybody for free. Traffic flow data, webcams, and data about construction works can be purchased at the Danish Road Directorate. Since data is available in different formats and using different standards, it will generate questions on use and there is a higher risk of unintentional misuse. "In the Danish Road Directorate, we are this year working with a plan on how we should provide data in the future" says cheif consultant Charlotte Holmstrøm, Danish Road Directorate.