MyWay project on intermodality concluded, the app remains

MyWay final workshop included a number of invited presentations illustrating the context for development of multi-modal journey planning and information services, including the reference deployment framework, i.e. the European ITS Directive priority action (a), some relevant experiences undertaken in Europe, the point of view of public and private mobility service providers, the visions and expectations from the navigation and in-car services industry. The project team presented its policy recommendations related to data, real-time travel information, intermodal solutions, involving the end-user, as well as various entities in the app’s lifecycle, providing quality functionalities, and stimulating behaviour change. The lessons learnt in the three MyWay Living Labs – Berlin, Catalonia and Trikala, as well as lessons learnt from the involvement of users were discussed in the interactive afternoon session. Presentations will soon be available on MyWay website.

After two and a half years of committing and challenging work, MyWay is now reaching successful completion of planned activities. Started in September 2013, the project progressed through the entire cycle of investigation, development, testing and validation of innovative solutions to make multi-modal journey planning and operation easier, more accessible, personalised and attractive for European citizens. Delivering highly personalised travel solutions as well as active support prior and during the journey has always be the focus of MyWay.

To reach this goal, users’ engagement and real-life validation have been central activities in MyWay. Users have been actively involved in all key phases of design, testing and validation of MyWay services. Three groups of users took part in three very challenging and diverse Living Labs in Catalonia and Barcelona metropolitan area, in Berlin capital region and in the mid-sized Greek town of Trikala. Their contributions and feedback have been essential to validate and refine MyWay user services and App as well as the underlying technologies.

While the project has come to an end, several partners will continue working to keep MyWay App on the market and offer them as a solution to cities and regions. Interested local authorities can contact the project coordinator Marco Boero at:  The project website will remain online as well and will continue to serve as a source of information about any update and development after the project end.