MOLECULES project uses ICT for an integrated uptake of smart connected electromobility

For Electric Vehicles to become a successfully deployed option there is a need of coordination between the recharging infrastructure, the EV and the overall mobility schemas of a city or interurban road network. Among others, MOLECULES addresses challenges making use of ICT services. Seven categories of services are will be developed and demonstrated: personal trip planning, EV sharing/pooling, recharging advisor, carbon footprint advisor, billing support, incentives and network strategies.

Roadmap to facilitate large scale deployment of Smart Connected Electromobility

MOLECULES aims to support and contribute to standards on electromobility, ITS and grid. Three large scale pilots in flagship European sites will be executed to thoroughly assess the project impact in terms of emissions reduction, considering the source of the electric energy used in the pilots. A roadmap to facilitate large scale deployment of Smart Connected Electromobility will be developed.

Pilots take place in Berlin, Barcelona and Paris:

BERLIN: MOLECULES will integrate both fix and flex car sharing schemes within the traditional transport solution and will make them interact with the rests of smart connected electromobility services to enhance the users experience with electric vehicles.

BARCELONA: MOLECULES will integrate three different experiences: the sharing schemes deployed also in Berlin, the deployment of electrical fleets for urban maintenance of public services, and the offer of e-bikes and joint public mobility services to city visitors.

PARIS: Grand Paris pilot will demonstrate that it is possible to integrate and complete the existing network transportation of an extended metropolitan area adding some environmental value.

The project is coordinated by ETRA Investigación y Desarrollo S.A. (ES). Polis is leading dissemination. MOLECULES stands for "mobility based on eLEctric Connected vehicles in Urban and interurban smart, cLean, EnvironmentS". It runs from January 2012 to December 2014 and is co-funded by CIP – ICT PSP programme.

On 8 February, MOLECILES will be presented at the joint launch event of the EC's newest CIP pilots together with ICT4EVEU, Sm@rtCEM amd MOBI.Europe.
Contact: Sylvain Haon.