Member in the Spotlight: Electro-mobilty in Emilia-Romagna region

The region surface stretches from west to east in the Pianura Padana area. A straight through railway connection forms the region's backbone, connecting  short distances between the region's chief cities.

Emilia-Romagna is also famous for its cycling culture. Although modal split for private motorized traffic is high around 67,2 %, walking and cycling represent 21,3 % of total 9mln daily trips. This goes without saying that Emilia-Romagna boasts some of the most cycle friendly cities in the country: Ferrara (30 %), Parma (20 %), Modena (<10 %), Bologna (FIAB, 2009).

The Regional Integrated Transport Plan

The regional authority is striving to contain environmental problems deriving from air pollution. The Pianura Padana area is one of the most polluted regions in Europe together with part of the so-called "Blue Banana", the most important economic areas of Europe, which extends across Europe from western Germany and Benelux to London.  In order to create the best conditions for a cleaner mobility - in line with the main priority of improving the air quality in the region -, the new Regional Integrated Transport Plan (PRIT 2020) was published. This is the primary planning tool for the region to set up main guidelines for regional mobility policies and define its major initiatives and priority measures, coordinating and integrating them with other regional strategies.

The PRIT 2020 has an interdisciplinary, cutting- edge approach involving the "PER Regional Energy Plan 2006-2016", the regional "Health Plan 2009-2011", and "the Environmental Plan 2011-2013". Shared goals:  achieving sustainable mobility, and creating the conditions for good mobility for all. And electric mobility was identified as part of the solution.

"Mi Muovo Elettrico" programme

The regional electro-mobility programme called "Mi Muovo Elettrico" is part of the PRIT 2020 strategy. "Mi Muovo Elettrico" is looking at developing electro-mobility at the regional level rather than simply at the city level. This programme was created with the aim to deploy local electro-mobility plans, charging infrastructure, and partnerships between public-private stakeholders. In 2010, around 280 vehicles (including hybrids) and more than 500 fully electric cars and buses were already circulating on public fleets.

 "Mi Muovo Elettrico" programme is based on two principles: interoperability on a regional scale (between the municipalities and the different energy providers), and integration of all available mobility services with existent transportation modes.

The Emilia-Romagna regional authority has signed an agreement with all electricity providers operating in the region (ENEL and HERA at first, soon to be followed by IREN), and with main municipal administrations. As a result of this partnership, 10 pilots were launched; an innovative network of some 120 charging points was set u. The charging infrastructure is  integrated with the regional electronic ticketing system "Mi Muovo". A contactless smartcard with RFID technology allows the use of all regional mobility services and e-vehicle charging points. Energy is 100 % coming from renewable sources.

Public charging points

The existing 120 charging points on the network are distributed in the pilot cities and towns in the region: Piacenza (ENEL), Reggio-Emilia (ENEL), Modena (HERA), Bologna (ENEL), Ferrara (ENEL), Imola (HERA), Ravenna (ENEL), Forli' (ENEL), Cesena( ENEL) and Rimini (ENEL). Parma is waiting to kick-off in partnership with IREN.

Charging points are key element of recharge infrastructure for e-vehicles. The most important aspect is their interoperability, i.e. the possibility for drivers to use any charging station, regardless of the operator. In order to facilitate the access to charging points to vehicle fleets already circulating, and while looking forward to European standard regulations, charging points are provided with two different plugs, namely SCAME and MENNEKES. Charging stations are highly advanced on the technical level and they will be able to act also as access point to the smart grid in the future.



Low Traffic Zones & Parking pricing

The Emilia-Romagna regional authority has recently signed an agreement with all pilot-cities aiming at harmonising the access rules to Low Traffic Zones (LTZ) in historical city centres. Today, thanks to this agreement, electric vehicles can circulate within the regional LTZs without any time restrictions (h24) and benefit from free parking. All electronic control databases are unified and managed by the partnering cities.

A short video in English presenting "Mi Muovo Elettrico" programme is available on You Tube