Member in the Spotlight: Antwerp Port improvements in Road Safety

In 2012, The Antwerp Port Authority appointed a mobility coordinator within the Strategy and Analysis department. Their major assessment is to improve the sustainability of the work related to road safety for all 60.000 persons working in the port of Antwerp. In 2012, it launched a “Safe commuting within the Port of Antwerp” action plan which aims to:

  • Share  road safety related information amongst the participating parties and the port community at large
  • Provide a map that shows cyclists the safest route to work and provides some tips on how to make their trips as safe as possible
  • Establish a hotline for infrastructural problems
  • Hold information sessions for safety coordinators on programs to improve safety within their companies
  • Implement a full-scale research program on commuting safety
  • Implement an awareness campaign aimed at improving road safety by bike

Read here about the outcomes of the action plan in the Antwerp Port

This insight has been published in the 'Thinking Cities' magazine, a joint publication of Polis and H3B Media. Issue 4, May/2015, page 28