Madrid goes stricter into limiting car access

Starting next year, car drivers will be entitled to enter Madrid's most central neighbourhoods only if they have a guaranteed space in one of the 13 official lots of the central areas. A 90€ fine will be charged if this rule is not respected. 22 monitoring cameras are to be set at entry points and will record cars entering the 4 barrios.

This measure expands the primary measures focusing on the Cortes (Las Letras) and Embajadores neighbourhoods, to the Palacio y Sol enforced on January, 1st 2014. The City Council is looking into the possibility of further expanding the Limited Zone Areas in May 2015.

The city estimates that maintenance costs will account to €500,000 annually.  But the potential benefits are still high: a boost in life quality for central Madrid residents, a drop in pollution-related illness and accident-related injury, and a potential tourism boost for an area whose historic charms still go largely unsung.

For further information, please refer directly to the Madrid City Council website