Low Carbon Transport Conference, 13 Dec: draft agenda online

The conference will present results from the CATCH project on climate change mitigation actions in urban transport and will be held in the University of West of England in Bristol, UK

This project conducted ground-breaking research into how information about climate change and transport should be communicated, and has developed an online knowledge platform designed to facilitate an holistic view of transport in order to better communicate the need for low carbon transport systems, and plan for the low carbon transport future.

The conference looks at this holistic view of low carbon transport, highlighting the links between low carbon transport and opportunities in other areas: for health, the economy, and as part of sustainable urban mobiltiy plans.

Join us at the conference to find out more about the project, hear from experts about the links between low carbon transport and health and the economy, and what you can gain from the project.


For further information, please contact: Anna.