Lease a bike: Companies can now lease bikes for employees in Belgium

Employees can choose from quite a large range of different bicycle brands, including folding bikes for people covering larger distances with public transport and using the bicycle for the first and last miles. E-bikes are offered as well, which can easily cover distances of 10 to 15 more kilometres.

Even employees with a company car can still receive a lease bike but those only using a bike receive an additional cycling grant on top. The scheme is equally interesting for the employer: the cost of an average company car equals the price of 63 lease bikes. A lease bike is also beneficial from a fiscal point of view, both for employer and employee. For a compact company car with an average leasing fee of 913 euros all costs included, the employee pays 134 euros. For a leased Brompton folding bike, the employer pays only 16,6 euros, while there's no cost involved for the employee.