KPIs for ITS and traffic management

The final event of the CONDUITS project, whose main output is a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) for traffic management and ITS, was held in Brussels on 22 June. It was organised jointly with another European project, 2DECIDE, which is similarly developing tools to assist decision making on ITS deployment. The joint meeting brought together more than 60 people from local authorities, research centres, the European institutions and wider ITS community.

A KPI has been developed for each of the following aspects of the main pillars of urban transport policy:

  • Traffic efficiency: reliability, system condition, operational efficiency, mobility
  • Safety: accidents, direct impacts, indirect impacts, C2I
  • Pollution reduction: Motor vehicles, electric vehicles
  • Social inclusion & land use: accessibility, special groups, total covered area

The event provided an opportunity to share for the first times the results of the validation of the CONDUITS KPIs in the cities of Paris, Rome, Munich, Ingoldstadt and Tel Aviv. In Paris, the KPIs were applied to 3 bus routes with a recently introduced priority system as well as to a new tramline. The mobility and accident KPIs were applied and the results indicate, unsurprisingly, that all bus lines enjoyed faster travel times to the detriment of private transport, whose average travel times were slower on two of the three lines. The accident index was calculated for one of the bus lines and showed that following the introduction of weighting of the different road users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and 4-wheeled vehicles), the number of casualties and slightly injured people went down whereas the number of seriously injured went up. However, the overall score for accidents was positive compared to before the introduction of bus priority.

The results of the other case studies can be found in the presentation made during the CONDUITS workshop, which will soon be available on the CONDUITS website. The report describing the detailed application of the KPIs in the selected cities, including the results, will be published in July.

All the CONDUITS partners are very keen to see the good work done in the project taken up post-project. To this end, CONDUITS has secured external funding to support the continuation of the CONDUITS City Pool (made up of nearly 40 local authorities from around Europe) and the further application of the KPIs. If you are interested in the ongoing work of CONDUITS, please contact: