Individualised social marketing campaigns for sustainable transport solutions in cities

The approach works by attempting to influence a predefined target audience to voluntarily accept, reject, or modify a behaviour, for the benefit of themselves and/or society as a whole - for example, enticing people to use more sustainable transport modes.

Based on knowledge of individuals’ preferences and needs, tailor-made measures, promotional materials and activities can then be developed for each person, and growing evidence suggests that this approach is more effective to change people’s attitudes and behaviours than traditional ‘one-size-all’ communication and information campaigns. Using real-life examples, this training highlights the benefits of using social marketing methods as well as providing step-by-step guidance on how to successfully implement a social marketing type campaign. The workshop will include a blend of theory and interactive exercises designed to provide you with new ideas and solutions that you can immediately apply.

This training workshop will provide:

• theoretical background to individualised social marketing;

• a generic step-by-step guide for setting up an individualised marketing campaign;

• real-life examples and concrete case studies.

• Participants are encouraged to bring in their own experiences and questions.

The number of participants is limited! Registration form and travel information.

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