Increase security in public transport: P-REACT Trial in Bologna

The P-REACT solution focuses on connecting authorities, citizens, business owners, infrastructure owners, security and law enforcement personnel so that petty crime can be effectively dealt with and prevented in the future. The P-REACT project developped a low cost surveillance platform that detects volume crimes and incidents. The solution encompasses intelligent video and audio sensors, cloud based monitoring, alert detection and storage platform.

Real-world trials in Bologna and Athens

Two trials will be conducted this year to test the P-REACT system under real conditions. The scope of the trials is twofold: On the one hand to test and demonstrate P-REACT underlying technologies and the maturity (Technology Readiness Level –TRL) of the whole system, and on the other hand to promote to an external audience and show P-REACT applicability for future exploitation.

The trials will take place in:

  • Athens on 25th February 2016: the trial in Athens will concentrate on indoor environments, focusing on petty crimes in small shops and gas stations. The targeted audience will be composed mostly by representatives from related target groups, e.g. Gas station companies/associations, chamber of commerce/business networks, security companies, Police forces, public administration, etc.
  • Bologna on 31st March 2016: the trial in Bologna will test use cases in outdoor environment, investigating anti-social behaviour and petty crimes common in public transportation field. The audience will comprise stakeholders involved in the transportation sector (public and private), transportation services providers and managers, and public authorities. Along with the trial, the P-REACT final event will be held. Download the event agenda here.

Join the P-REACT trial and final event in Bologna

Interested parties, end-users and stakeholders are invited to participate in the trials and evaluate the P-REACT solution. They will be able to directly observe the innovative functionalities and consider the benefits which may be applicable them. Feedback will help to improve the system for real world requirements. During the trials, a showroom will be arranged where attendees can see the solution in action and learn about the project. A live video stream will be provided from the trial areas, to let participants follow the trials in real time.

  • To register to the trial in Bologna or for more information, please contact Dora Ramazzotti from SRM - Public Transport Authority Bologna
  • Attendance is free of charge - Number of participant is restricted.
  • For more information consult the P-REACT Newsletter.

Polis members who have experience to share on comparable approaches to track incidents and increase security are encouraged to contact Dora Ramazzotti ( and Dagmar Köhler ( in light of a possible Polis working group meeting.