ICT solutions for governance and policy modelling

Effective governance of the cities and city regions of Europe today is fundamentally undermined by urban complexity, whereby the high degree of interconnectedness and multiple interactions between socio-economic and environmental factors in a territorial context create major barriers to the effective implementation of sustainable urban development.

In a broad perspective ICT enabled urban governance offers a huge potential to simultaneously achieve effective management of the complexity of the city, and engage citizens in defining their urban futures.

The project urbanAPI (Interactive Analysis, Simulation and Visualisation Tools for Urban Agile Policy Implementation) provides ICT enabled innovations for city governance and adapted governance models to support new stakeholder engagement and citizen participation, in order to enhance sustainable urban policy development and delivery.

The particular aims are to:

  • support activities such as issue identification, policy analysis, consultation, decision and evaluation in urban planning and land management policy.
  • develop a policy metamodel, a formalised vocabulary, a set of rule languages to define data integration and abstract simulation models.
  • transpose elements of agile ICT development to the urban policy making process.

Tools will be developed with the application cities of Vienna, Sofia, Vitoria-Gasteiz, and Bologna.

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